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Fall Stag Race

"Come one and come all to the annual Fall Stag Race to Kendrick Island."

September 24 & 25th, 2016 is the date for our annual Fall Stag Cruise/Race to Kendrick Island Outstation. Participate in the sailboat race or just cruise over to Kendrick to take in the camaraderie.

This is an excellent opportunity for that last summer-ish weekend on the boat as well as a good excuse to lighten up the boat and get all the summer cruising gear off the boat. It is a great time to bring family, friends, co-workers or prospective members and show-off the club jewel that Kendrick is.

Scotch Tasting: Bring a bottle of your favorite scotch and participate in the afternoon scotch tasting.

Dinner Options: 8oz Tenderloin Steak or Salmon Fillet, Whiskey Prawns and Apple Pie. Please contact the F&B  or the front desk desk to order

1. Kodiak (only boat to sail the whole way over and almost the whole way back. Well done and have fun organizing next year!)
2. Northern Girl
3. Lopeka
4. Silik
5. Halcyon
6. Oxygen (only other boat to sailing the whole way over. Well done Seain!)
7. Andiamo Amy
7. Messing About

Competitor List

Vessel Name
Northern Girl Cam Telford
Kodiak Ty Abrams
Gin Palace
Sean Murch (sailing with Cam now)
Adam Ferguson (wimped out)
Jason Bowman
Seain Conover
Edward Karadontis
Messing About Craig Wilshire
Andiamo Amy Darryl Stodalka
Baloo John Noble
Silik Wade Harrogate

For more information on the 2016 Stag Race or to register contact Cam Telford .

Special note: Provisioning for Saturday Dinner will be done through WVYC Food and Beverage.  Please contact the F&B or the front desk desk to order.

Historical Fall stag Race reports and results