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Fall Stag Race

"Come one and come all to the annual Fall Stag Race to Kendrick Island."

September 23 & 24th, 2017 is the date for our annual Fall Stag Cruise/Race to Kendrick Island Outstation. Participate in the sailboat race or just cruise over to Kendrick to take in the camaraderie.

From Ty:

"Gentleman of WVYC, It is my humble honor to formally invite you to partake in this Fall’s most distinguished and exclusive event ……….. the Stag Race to Kendrick Island. For those of you able to attend last year’s event, you will undoubtedly recall an epic journey across Georgia Strait complete with great company, witty banter and deafening applause upon your triumphant landing at the Kendrick outstation.  The evening events upon arrival include a heavily meat laden grill fest, a “feats of strength” competition, a crabbing tournament complete with prizes and casual Poker game hosted in the largest and/or warmest vessel in attendance. 

This year we are also pleased to feature an informal “Man-pettizer” competition where each boat participating assembles some type of group appie (not to include any form of vegetable – thus risking immediate disqualification) to be judged by the group…….. again, prizes awarded to the triumphant crew. 

Any questions etc can be addressed to Ty Abrams or Jason Hofman, the triumphant victors from 2016. /             
Event Dates: Sep 23/24 2017
Register:  Email Cam Telford @:
Start: Approx line between Pt Atkinson + Passage Island
Finish: When Thrasher Rock bears 120 degrees magnetic
NOR/SI's to Follow"

Dinner Options: 8oz Tenderloin Steak or Salmon Fillet, Prawns and Apple Pie. Please contact the F&B  or the front desk desk to order


Competitor List

Vessel Name
*Ride Along with Steve Ty Abrams
Northern Girl Cam Telford
Rhumbline Darryl Stodalka
Lopeka Jason Bowman
Oxygen Seain Conover
Eulalie Steve Corcorane
Silik Wade Harrogate*
Gold Bug Bill Witte
* Guest

Special note: Provisioning for Saturday Dinner will be done through WVYC Food and Beverage.  Please contact the F&B or the front desk desk to order.

Historical Fall stag Race results