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Crew members looking for a ride as well as skippers looking for crew can browse and post to our crew bank. To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Sailing Director at Be sure to note your name, experience level or crew requirements, and contact details. Postings will be removed regularly, please send another email if you wish your name to be added back to the list.

Also, refer to the Crew Wanted page of this section if you are looking for that last person to give you that winning edge.

The following people are interested in crewing for upcoming racing events:

Updated Jan 29th, 2018

Hi there, my name is Caroline.

We just moved to Squamish from the east coast of the US. I have sailed and raced my entire life (I am 37). Most recently I was head offshore and dinghy coach at Maine maritime academy. I have raced many a boat (Lasers, Farrs, Frers, Melges, PHRF galore, classic yachts, etc) and would love to get out on the water for a race or two.  My asym work is rusty as I have been on larger dip pole boats these last number of years.  So if you know of anyone who could use an extra crew, that'd be great!

Thanks in advance, Caroline
Jake Luft 

I’m keenly interested in crewing for the upcoming race season. I’ve spent considerable time in and around sailboats in the Virgin Islands and have competed CANSail 1 & 2 certification levels through MacSailing at Jericho. You can count on me to commit to a schedule, be enthusiastic, and be a team fit. Please let me know if any Captains are looking for a fun and fit addition to their team.

Thank you, 


Jake Luft
Vice President
Investment Sales & Leasing  

Hey! I want to start sailing! I'm a rookie - I used to motor boat when I was a kid - I was a life guard for six years as a teenager - I 've been an avid  canoer and kayaker  - so I've got my water wings. I've only been drunk on a boat secured to a dock for a girls night out party - the cook was a live aboard. I live vicariously through my sister who just landed in New Zealand after hopping across on sailboats over the past five or so months. I was the bar supervisor at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club!  Non of this is actual experience on a boat - but so close, so if you know of some relaxed folk who would like to have a rookie on board - I'm that gal. I'm also athletic and I catch on fast. 

Laura Clutchey

Hi my name is Duncan.

I'm a Kiwi sailor who is looking for a boat to crew on this weekend.In the Canadian summer I race on Absolute Kaos (34ft Dash) out of Royal Van for Wednesday nights & VARC series. Right now I race in the Polar Bear series and on Jasmina 30/30 Santana. Currently I have been crewing on Ffang (Flying 15) out of WVYC but its going up on the hard throughout March so I would like to get out on the water this weekend, even if its just rail meat :).

Feel free to email me at