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Crew members looking for a ride as well as skippers looking for crew can browse and post to our crew bank. To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Sailing Director at Be sure to note your name, experience level or crew requirements, and contact details. Postings will be removed after 3 months, please send another email if you wish your name to be added back to the list.

Also, refer to the Crew Wanted page of this section if you are looking for that last person to give you that winning edge.

The following people are interested in crewing for upcoming racing events:

Name: Zachary Omichinski
Availability: all availability/open
Experience: I have been racing actively on big boats for the past 6 seasons and small boats for the past 3, usually campaigning with 3 to 4 racing teams throughout Long Island Sound. My experience is split between one-design and handicap racing, the former being on Frers 33’s, j70’s and Atlantic 30’s, and the latter being on bigger racer/cruisers between 37 and 45 feet. My greatest strength is distance racing and one-design fleet racing, as it involves an added height of focus, planning, and thought. My positional experience has predominantly been on sail trim (headsail, main, spinnaker) but I can do bow depending on how comfortable I am on the boat and the rest of the crew experience, and I am always learning and willing to try something new while sailing. I have been accepted into the exchange program between UBC and my University in the States so I am available to crew through the end of Spring for any races.
Availability: November 18-27 & Jan-May
Date: Oct 31st, 2016

Name: Matthew Stranaghan
Contact: or 604-788-9844
Experience: I race Laser Radials nationally and provincially for WVYC. Currently, I am in 4th in BC and I train out of West Vancouver Yacht Club. Last year I raced on Papillon an Aerodyne 38 that competed in Div. 1. I was mostly jib trim but during our final race which was Around Salt spring, I did main trim. I have also raced on Melges 24 for the last 2 Wednesday night series at WVYC. I am fine with sailing year round as I have full foul weather gear. I can be available basically anytime if given a little notice. I am 14 and have been racing keelboats for 2 years now and am happy to have any opportunity to get out on the water.
Events: Any
Date: Oct 27th 2016

Name: Theresa Wishart
Email: 604-812-1383 or
Availability: Sundays and maybe some weekdays.
Experience: New to sailing. Attended a few mentoring sessions on Martin 244, and crewed on J105, once. Self-taught, and received some help from a couple sailing coaches on fundamental sailing theories.
Events: Any
Date: Oct 24th 2016

Name: Shannon Mahon
Phone: 778-870-6024
Availability: Weekends
Experience: I have 2 years of sailing experience in the polar bear serious in Vancouver. I am looking for a fun but completive boat to crew on. I have experience in the pit and bow positions.
Events: Snow Flake racing
Date: Oct 24th 2016

Name: Peter Harper
Availability: Weekends
Experience: Grown up dinghy sailing/racing including hobie cats and lasers. Keen to gain experience for progression through courses.
Events: Any
Date: Sep 29th 2016

Name: Beryl Bell
Availability: Everyday
Experience: I grew up sailing, mostly on cruising sailboat. In addition I have several years of experience sailing competitively on lightnings and lasers.
Date: Sept 27, 2016

Name: Renato Simoes
Availability: Everyday
Experience: Little practical experience. Just learning everything about sailing from the internet.
Events: Just one sailing experience in a race in Vancouver on July 2016.
Date: August 25, 2016

Name: Barry Collins
Availability: Everydaye except Monday and Thursday
Experience: I'm renovating a 38 foot sloop and wish to gain more experience while I do so, I have no certification but have sailed a 26 footer years ago and am studying sailing daily.
Events: Any
Date: August 19, 2016

Name: Mike & Michelle
Availability: Weekends
Experience: No sailing experience, but both have their PCOC, and know a lot of theory (sailing terms, points of sail, etc.), very eager to learn the ropes!.
Events: Any
Date: August 4, 2016

Name: P.J. (Opti Mom) and Pippa (Opti Sailor)
Experience: Opti Mom has extensive racing background in dinghies and keelboats - helmed Etchells NAs, crewed Cork, Swiftsure, Lipton Cup. Opti Sailor is keen Green fleet racer. Both are CYC Seattle members and looking for a ride in West Van.
Events: Any Events.
Date: August 3, 2016

Name: Christopher Bellamy
Contact: or 604 3537323
Experience: Lots of dinghy sailing experience, day skipper and several weeks of day charters. Looking to gain and build experience. Looking for multi-day/off-shore crewing. Easy-going, intelligent, hard-working and fun.
Events: Any
Date: July 18, 2016

Name: James E Wilson
Contact: or 778 997 1038
Experience: Intermediate +/-. New member. Eight or so years on and off cruising and racing locally. Easy-going personality. I’m looking to have fun racing and cruising – day / half day / evening / overnight / multi-day / offshore ….
Events: Any
Date: June 20, 2016

Name: Zenobia Wilson
Contact: or 604 417 8940
Experience:  Intermediate +/-. New member. Eight or so years on and off cruising and racing locally. Easy-going personality. I’m looking to have fun cruising mostly but also racing – day / half day / evening / overnight / multi-day ….
Events: Any
Date: June 20, 2016

Name: Andriana Karasz
Contact: 778-865-2652 or
Experience: Recently passed the Basic Cruising Class. I have no experience in racing, but I am very keen in learning more about racing techniques and look forward to making new friends. I windsurfed all over the world in my twenties and truly believe there are special bonds formed when one loves and respects the ocean. Thank you in advance for your consideration as a crew member.
Events: Any
Date: June 17, 2016

Name: Erik Jackson
Experience: While most of my experience is in dinghies, I have been racing on Through in the Farr30 fleet in local regattas and WES at RVYC this year. I have 3+ years experience racing Lasers on the provincial circuit, and am starting my second summer working as a sailing instructor at HSC. Also have been working at WVYC as mark set since late last year. Currently most comfortable in pit or mast position, but with minimal instructing I can switch roles. 18 years old, consider myself sufficiently athletic and am always looking to learn something new about sailing. Mainly looking for crewing in races, but will take any opportunity to get out on the water.
Events: Round Bowen 2016, regattas. No WES as I have a spot crewing already. Will make room on weekends for crewing opportunities if given enough notice.
Date added: June 6, 2016

Name: Julie
Experience: I lived aboard for 7 years and cruised South Africa, Madagascar, East Africa, Zanzibar, Kenya, crossed the Indian ocean and spent 3 months on Chagos. I then crossed to Thailand and cruised for 2 years between Malaysia and Thailand. I then flew to Canada and joined a boat that spent 6 months harbour hopping the USA coast down to the Sea of Cortez and then lived in the Sea of Cortez for 2 years. I recently moved to Vancouver and now boat-less. I have my own business, 51, and looking to get back on the water. I'm not interested in racing. If you are looking for galley help,navigation or helm or just good company on a gunk-holing pleasure cruise
Date added: May19, 2016

Name: Lucas Ridley

Phone: 423-774-2171
Availability: Weekends
Experience:  Recently passed the Basic Cruising Class. 5 years ago had my ASA 104 during a week in the BVI

Date added: January 28, 2016

Name: Alan Musson
Phone: 778-883-7245
Experience: Over 15,000nm logged in various positions on a variety of boats. I've double handed a 1/3rd of those distances. Mostly deliveries and pleasure. I've raced in a few Snowflake series already aboard a few different boats. I'm happy and knowledgeable on all positions in a general sense. Racing obviously takes it to a different speed, to which I'm keen to adapt. My girlfriend is also keen to sail more in a racing setting and she would serve mainly a cute rail meat.
Date added: December 02, 2015

Name: Antony Dayton
Contact: 604 368-5358
Experience: Most recently was a deckhand aboard 85’ maxi ex ocean racing yacht in Australia (1 year). Jib trimming, general bosun duties, experience in heavy weather. Most sailing experience is dinghy’s and kiteboarding. 22 years old with a very strong work ethic, always looking to learn something new.
Events: Any
Date added: November 15, 2015

Name: Shareen Chin
On Santana 30/30 (Trim, foredeck, spin) TCYC and FCYC 2014, 2015, 2016, VRC Polar Bear Series 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
2015 (Santana 30/30) and 2016 Southern Straights (Marda Gras), 2015 and 2016 full Whidbey Island Race Week, Collingwood (2015), Deep Cove Regatta (2014 and 2015)
2015 full VanIsle on Santa Cruz 70.

Owns personal safety gear, Safety at Sea certified (expiry 2018), ROC-DSC endorsement, Marine First Aid (Expiry 2018)

Great team player, positive attitude, handles stress well, takes directions well, brings boat snacks/beer.

Name: Joel Jacques


Phone: 604-612-0799

Availability: Open, Willing to make the required commitment

Experience: I raced dinghies at a national level through my youth (laser 2’s) out of WVYC and have been crewing for big boats for the last 5 years.  I have experience on the fore deck, in the pit, and trimming.  Some of the races I have raced in include: Canadian and US nationals (junior), Southern Straights, Swiftsure, Race around Saltspring, among others, and have also participated in the Wednesday night Martin series out of Jericho.  I am very eager to continue to gain experience and continue learning.    A life goal of mine is to sail across an ocean, and keep actively involved in off-shore racing to participate in larger, longer races.  I really have a passion for the ocean and for sailing and would be really grateful to get the opportunity to race in any capacity.

Age: 38

Availability: Open/anytime.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.