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Crew members looking for a ride as well as skippers looking for crew can browse and post to our crew bank. To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Sailing Director at Be sure to note your name, experience level or crew requirements, and contact details. Postings will be removed regularly, please send another email if you wish your name to be added back to the list.

Also, refer to the Crew Wanted page of this section if you are looking for that last person to give you that winning edge.

The following people are interested in crewing for upcoming racing events:

Updated July 6th, 2018: If you have been deleted and want to still be on the list just send me your info again.

Hi All,

I am a keen sailor but since moving to Vancouver my time out on the water has been limited. I am 37 years old and based near by in North Van. Have been racing for a number of years and have all my gear. Happy just to sit on the rail or get stuck in on the bow. I always bring chilled refreshments and enthusiasm.Can do weekends and week nights.

Email: or call 604 970 1222
Simon Mills


My name’s Ashley Burns and I graduated from UBC last spring and will be spending my first summer in Vancouver. I started sailing on the Great Lakes when I was 8 years old and was the head sailing instructor at my club for 5 years, instructing for 6. I was on the UBC sailing team throughout university and competed in Canadian Nationals, US women’s as well as an international regatta in France on J70s (which our boat won!!). I was also the club lead in my sailing team for two years.  I worked 4 summers in a chandlery fixing and working on boats (rigging, glassing, mechanics, restorations etc) and have a lot of experience on different types of boats. Back home I have a Pearson 30 but she sits in Ontario. Before that I had a CS22. I’ve also spent ample time on a R boat (40 ft wooden boat) and various other boats crewing.  I’m looking to keep sailing this summer in Vancouver and would love an opportunity to get out on the water. 

Many thanks,


I am a 33-year-old woman who’s had a fair amount of sailing experience starting when I was 10. I skippered a Catalina 27 last summer but had to give her up due to the cost. I was hoping to be added to the crew bank. I’m taking a RYU Competent Crew course this summer and I’d be interested in getting more miles. 


Sarah Jamieson
need a phone number or email Sarah.

Hi, Skippers!

My name's Aaron. I'm 43, 6'. I have no issue working as 190 lbs of rail meat. I am ridiculously competitive, but tone it down if the crew is out for fun. I have my PCOC, SailCanada Beginner, Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Intermediate, and Coastal Navigation courses, my own sailing gear (incl. tether), and can supply beverages. For all the courses, I am really a beginner sailor. Eventually, I want to crew the Southern Straits, Van Isle 360, and Vic Maui. Other races and blue water passages interest me, too. My interest is also for safety: I want to get the most of my boat if/when it's necessary. My long-term goal is to retire onto my boat and blue water cruise.

I can be reached at 778-837-7740 or

Mobile: 778-837-7740