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Crew members looking for a ride as well as skippers looking for crew can browse and post to our crew bank. To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Sailing Director at Be sure to note your name, experience level or crew requirements, and contact details. Postings will be removed regularly, please send another email if you wish your name to be added back to the list.

Also, refer to the Crew Wanted page of this section if you are looking for that last person to give you that winning edge.

The following people are interested in crewing for upcoming racing events:

Updated Oct 18th, 2017

 My name is Barry and my experience level is relatively low, tho I do have a good understanding of sailing principles as I read sailing books daily, I have owned boats in the past and have spent some time on the water, it's been a long time since those days, so I'd like to get some hands on experience once again.I'm 33 years old and am restoring a 10 foot sailboat as well as seeking to purchase a 30 or so foot boat at the moment and have previously owned a 27 and a 38 foot sailboat.

Email is the best way to contact me,

Thanks for your time.

I’ll be visiting from Juneau, AK the weekend of the 1st snowflake series race, and am interested in crewing. My agenda is open on Sunday the 29th, except for a concert that night at 8pm. I’ve sailed the past 12 years on many boats in our local area, from a 41’ Peterson to my own Islander 28, doing daytrips or the annual 200-mile circumnav of Admiralty Island. I recently completed a trip on a Peterson 46 from Maui to Sitka.  I’ve got all my own gear, am used to rain and cold, am happy to buy beverages and/or snacks for the Skipper. Would be very happy if this was passed on to the fleet.

Thank you. 
Joel Osburn,
PEMarine Engineering ADOT&PF Southcoast Region
6860 Glacier HighwayJuneau, AK 99801
(907)465-4409 (w)
(907)209-7897 (c)