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Clean Regattas Pledge

clean regattas pledge

Leading up to, during, and following this year’s Southern Straits Regatta, Howe Sound Regatta and Pumpkin Regatta, your Regatta organizers are joining the call of many to ensure that these events will have minimal impact on our environment. This will include anything from keeping the site clear of debris, vessels equipped with heads respecting pump out regulations, reducing reliance on plastic bottles and cups, and recycling anything leftover.

We are off to a great start, but we need your help! You will be on the front lines as we work to keep these waters clear. Every choice and action can make a difference. Here are a few ways you can help during the races and on-shore events:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Eliminate disposable bottles by reusing a single one, and recycle anything that can’t be reused. Do not use plastic straws. Always use a hose end nozzle. At every opportunity, try to find a way to reduce your individual impact on the sea.

Keep it Clean – Hold on to any trash or recycling until you can dispose of it properly. If you see any debris on shore or sea, pick it up and throw it away. (e.g., rigging tape, cigarette butts, bottles and cans)

Rinse it Down – Clean your boat using water (no soap) during the event. Deck soaps contain phosphates and nitrates that can dramatically affect water quality, especially in a harbor full of regatta boats. The intent here is to keep Howe Sound Clean – remember “fish below”.

Oil Spill Prevention – Motorized vessels shall carry and use at least one bilge sponge and one fueling spill pad.

Pump it Out – If necessary, empty your holding tanks before traveling to the event. Retain waste onboard and respect discharge regulations for pleasure boats.

You can start to make a difference right now by visiting the sites such as the Georgia Strait Alliance and Sailors for the Sea website. You will find more information on environmentally friendly boating, and opportunities to see products that leave as little trace as possible.


Thank you for your help as we work together for a cleaner ocean.

Fair Winds, Sail Fast, Go Green

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