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Ladies Race & Cruise

10th Annual Ladies Race & Cruise to Elliott Bay will be held May 27-28, 2017

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      Sailing Instructions   

  • Register Early - REGISTER NOW! Registration will close late May 24th. All skippers please provide an email address (under the questions section) on the registration page so you can be contacted. 
  • Dinner Menu - Western fare (steak) with beans, salad, potatoes and dessert. Please bring your favourite appie and your drinks for dinner. Breakfast is pancakes and sausages or all but if you wish to add some variety to the breakfeast buffet please do so. 
  • Sailing Instructions will be available at the skipper's meeting.
  • Start Times: 0900 hrs Skipper's meeting at the WVYC clubhouse. Racers and Cruisers please attend. 0930 -0945hrs boats leave the basin 1030 hrs race begins. Assistance will be available on the dock for departure and arrival in Elliott Bay.
  • Tent platforms are booked for our use
  • Two fingers on right side of main BBQ dock (five sides) are for our boats, racers and cruisers.
  • Male volunteers and chauffeurs will pay a reduced rate for their grub. Cost per cowgirl and cowboy will be confirmed after final registration.
  • Cowgirls bring a yoga mat for the stretch class on Sunday morning.
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** Registrant list available on registration page
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10th Annual Ladies Race & Cruise to Elliott Bay

It was the Old West at Elliott Bay outstation this last weekend. The women of WVYC had a rip-roaring celebration of all things western. Five boats raced to the finish line which because of rather weak winds had to be extended in time. At least they finished! A certain skipper and crew had to abandon the race as the rocks of Hood Point drew too near for comfort. However, those who knew that fluky area best showed us how it is done! Congratulations to Jane Mauchan in Halcyon who won the race, and to Leslie Pratt skippering Puffin who finished second. It was a dramatic change from last year when it was a howling outflow wind, cold and wet. We enjoyed heat and light airs. Perhaps next year will be a mix of the two, nearly perfect!

Five boats cruised as well and this is a group that is growing. All women of the club are welcome to cruise and if need be, accept the assistance of the “chauffeur”.

The cabin at Elliott Bay was transformed into a saloon, with wanted posters and other western themed decorations.

Dinner was enjoyed near the new BBQ’s under the white tent. Steaks and beans with coleslaw formed the basis of the menu. Line dancing after dinner with Christine Okrusko leading. A learning experience for most of us. She was followed by Viv Harvey who has a fair bit of experience in this type of dance. Who knew? Unexpected talent everywhere! Susi Hill showed off her dance abilities dancing with the lean, strong and very silent token male (what was his name again?). Sunday began with crepes and sausages on Harrison Plaza. What a super space for a gathering like this. Christine led us in a stretch session to start the day and to work up an appetite. The weather was again clear and sunny.

The male volunteers made my job so much easier. They did a great job of transporting, cooking and cleaning up after the meals. Thanks go to Dave Graham, Bill Pratt, John Baker, Tom Johnstone and Don Davidson.

Sheila Dallimore is already thinking of next year’s event. Watch for details in the Foghorn and on the club website in the months to come. Next year the theme is MEXICAN. Ole!

-Joanne Graham