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West Vancouver Yacht Club has 200 slips in the protected waters of Fisherman's Cove. As well, the Club has the space and facilities on land for storing and easily launching 20 keel boats up to 25'-30’ in length.

All docks are serviced with power (15 amps - 30 amps) and water. An ongoing dock replacement plan is ensuring that the condition of our facilities meet the needs of our members for decades to come.

Security and surveillance is provided on a 24 hour basis.

Moorage is assigned on a seniority basis and on matching boats to slips based on their length and beam requirements. See the Membership FAQs for further discussion on expected wait times. The best advice is to join early, even before your boat ownership plans may be settled. Seniority accrues with Intermediate members (ages 16 to 26), Associate and Active membership.

In the summer season, when many moorage members are away, members can apply for temporary berthing at the Club to allow them to enjoy the Club and its prime location even more.