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Foreshore Services

WVYC makes it easier to enjoy being a boat owner. Members have access to the best facilities to care for their boats all in one place - which reduces maintenance costs significantly.

Vessel maintenance equipment at WVYC includes:
  • A marine elevator with a capacity of 40,000 lbs will lift most vessels up to 40 feet in length for repairs and bottom work.
  • The mast tower enables sailboat owners to make necessary repairs to their rigging aloft. The tower has four gantries so that members can access their rigging at whatever level necessary.
  • The small boat East Hoist has a working load of 4000lbs and is used for a variety of tasks. It enables the Club's dry moorage fleet access to the water and is available for the Club membership when required.
  • The West dry moorage wharf stores racing sailing boats that are greater than 26'. There a 5 ton motorized hoist is used to launch and haul these vessels. The boats are stored on custom dollies for ease of movement and efficient pre-race launches.
Members are trained to use these facilities.

Other WVYC amenities every boat-owner will appreciate:
  • A workshop with tools and work spaces
  • A marine fuel station next to the club
  • Fire extinguisher checks and Coast Guard certification
  • Special discounts for group insurance
  • Marine chandler, supply shops and boat yard services very nearby