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Cruising & Outstations

The West Vancouver Yacht Club has great access to cruising on BC's west and north coasts and the Gulf of Georgia. It also has affiliations with some 50 reciprocal clubs up and down the BC and Washington Coasts. If you are a member of one of our reciprocal clubs you can get details about using our facilities by using the Reciprocal Clubs link in the footer. Arrangements for each club differ, but many members avail themselves of them to explore and expand their cruising areas.

Our outstations are a large part of the pleasure of being a member. They are conveniently located to the Club - perfect for a weekend destination or a stop-over as part in a longer cruise. Each has its own special character and recreational facilities.

The signature outstation at Elliott Bay is the largest and most popular, and only 10 nm from the Club’s home base. It is great for families and water sports.

Cruising the Gulf Islands? Kendrick Island, 22 nm away, at the mouth of Gabriola Pass, is a natural refuge of wildflowers and arbutus trees, great views and walks.

Our newest outstation facility at Telegraph Harbour is 35 nm from the Club and has all the amenities you would expect in a marina. It is 15 nm from Kendrick Island and the distance from the Club via Porlier Pass or Gabriola Pass are virtually the same.

If Desolation Sound or Princess Louisa Inlet beckons, the Club’s joint marina operation in Duncan Cove, Pender Harbour is a day's cruise, or about 39nm away from the Club, which puts you in the heart of that sea based community, and is also a stepping stone for points north - Desolation Sound, the Broughtons, and the north coast.

So whatever the direction or length of cruise, a safe convenient port is available to the members of the West Vancouver Yacht Club.
Scenes from WVYC Outstations