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Learn to Sail: Youth Sailing Programs

West Vancouver Yacht Club has one of the highest quality Youth Sailing Programs in the country. We incorporate Sail Canada's  "CANSail" standards into our own unique training programs, enabling us to offer the most memorable, educational and rewarding experiences possible.

There are many courses to choose from, each suited to a particular age and skill level. Even sailors as young as 6 years old can learn to sail! At WVYC, we introduce basic sailing skills, develop existing skills, and improve racing performance for youth sailors in both a safe and fun environment. Students can progress through the levels at a comfortable pace while having one of the most exciting and memorable summers of their lives.

Sailors are encouraged to register with their friends. The CANSail program allows sailors to challenge and improve their sailing skills without being confined to a specific course curriculum.  Coaches will work with sailors and design their course around sailors' needs, allowing them to have fun with their friends and improve on sailing skills at the sailor's own pace.

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"CANSail refers to Canada's updated standards in learn-to-sail programming. The standards - and the programs the instructors will deliver to meet those standards - are designed to provide all learning sailors with the solid foundation of sailing skills and experiences to then allow them to stick with sailing - at your club - in any sort of environment - Performance Racing, Instruction, Coaching, Offshore, Program Leadership... Of course, whichever stage the sailor is at, the program offers fun and a challenge to keep them coming back!" - Sail Canada

Registration is now open.

For more information on CANSail, click here.