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We are very proud of the compliments we get from our clients and their guests. Read what some of them had to say.

Rotary Club Dinner

"On behalf of the Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise and our Outgoing and Incoming Presidents, Ardath Paxton Mann and Matt Gul respectively, I would like to thank you and your staff for making our Installation Dinner such an enjoyable and successful evening.  The West Vancouver Yacht Club always does an amazing job: excellent food, outstanding service from all the staff, and a beautiful setting.  (I know you worked hard on getting the beautiful weather too!) Thank You, John." - Peggy Wilson

Probus Christmas Luncheon

"Wow you and your team certainly provided the Probus ladies with a wonderful luncheon. The venue, the buffet spilling over with mouthwatering dishes, roast turkey with the BEST stuffing , pasta, roasted eggplant and much more.It was a remarkable occasion and we are truly appreciative of you and your staff who make it all possible." - Anne O'Brien

Gleneagles Ladies Golf Luncheon

"I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the John Quirk and his staff at West Vancouver Yacht Club for providing the Gleneagles Ladies Golf Club another excellent luncheon on Monday, April 30. Great care was taken to attend to our function in a thorough and professional manner. Once again, the club was fully prepared upon arrival, with tables set, registration tables ready, coffee on and fresh muffins appearing once the ladies all started coming in. The menu was custom designed to suit our requests and the food was delicious. Service was good, respectful, sensitive to timing around the meeting and appreciated by all. The podium and mic worked well for the meeting portion and staff helped move tables around when the fashion entertainment was about to commence. The Club showed off very well and I can certainly say that I am very proud to be a member of WVYC. Thank you, John, for your efforts, congeniality, and enthusiasm. It is so enjoyable to work with you and your staff." - Naomi Chard


"I don't even know where to begin.. Thank you so much for everything! You and your team were absolutely amazing! Our guests are still talking about the wedding, how good the food was, how beautiful the club is.. How great to booze was ;). I cant thank you enough for the night.. it was a dream. You are truly the best, and it was literally the best night ever. Ps. sorry for the broken glass on the dance floor.. But it was an epic dance party." - Julia Maxwell

WVSS 45th Reunion

"This note is to offer up our sincere thanks for your efforts in ensuring our WVSS 45th reunion evening was all that was planned and hoped for. Thank you for your input and patience as the details were finalized. The cozy venue certainly lends itself to relaxed, easy dialogue and effortless mingling...even on one of the rainiest nights on record! And get looks like we want to be back for our 50th!  ....but we will give you a bit of a break before we start with the planning of this one." - Marja

Gleneagles School Fundraiser

Thank you so much to John Quirk and the fabulous staff at the West Vancouver Yacht Club. We had a very successful (sold out) James Bond Fundraiser for Gleneagles school. Your flexibility and assistance in planning our event surpassed our expectations. Your incredible staff were so helpful and accommodating with the room set up and during the event everyone was happy and provided excellent service. The kitchen staff are second to none. Not only was the food fantastic, the chef was also a great supporter of our anonymous art auction. Thank you so much!! We will see you next year around the same time. - Diana Steele (parent/event planning team member)

Birthday Party

"Thank you for the incredible service the other week for my party. You made the planning very straight-forward and I appreciated your advice and guidance along the way. Your approach keeps everything simple and low-stress. You were also really flexible and accommodating which made it easy to shape this into the evening I was seeking. The staff provided their usual professional, discrete and customer-focused service. The food was lovely and my guests really enjoyed the spread. I also had lots of compliments from my guests about the venue and how beautiful it was. I think the renovation is showing its value. Thanks as well for taking care of my friend Dave when he stayed to get the music set-up. It was a very special evening for me, and you and your team played an important role in making that happen. Thank you!!!!" - Kathy


"Dear John + Team - We wouldn't have wanted to do this anywhere else! And we are incredibly grateful for such an amazing team - John, you have been so helpful, patient and hospitable. Thank you for having us!" - Holly & Ben