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Clean Marine

West Vancouver Yacht Club achieves five-anchor eco-rating in Clean Marine BC program


Georgia Strait Alliance’s award-winning Clean Marine BC program welcomes a new certified marina: West Vancouver Yacht Club’s Fisherman’s Cove facility (WVYC) has achieved a five-anchor rating, which was presented at a private function in March 2019

Clean Marine BC is a voluntary eco-certification program that demonstrates a commitment to environmental best practices by marinas, harbour authorities, boatyards and yacht clubs that reduce and/or eliminate contaminants from entering our waters.

West Vancouver Yacht Club Commodore Cam Telford stated “We are very pleased to receive this 5 Anchor Award. It is only natural that our interest in being on the water should incorporate a stewardship of this precious resource. The West Vancouver Yacht Club and our members have always respected the waters we enjoy so much and we applaud the Georgia Strait Alliance for its work in formalizing a program to assist in its recovery and safeguarding. Achieving this top Eco-Rating requires a commitment of both the heart and resources. I applaud our Members for their support and the part they all play in this achievement.”

General Manager David Martin in accepting the Award on behalf of the WVYC stated “Our Staff and Members accepted the 4 Anchor rating awarded following the past verification audit but knew we could do better. I appreciate the direction provided by the Board, the support of our Members and the many contributions of our Staff in going one step further and achieving this top rating. We will fly the Clean Marine BC flag proudly.”

We are pleased to have the West Vancouver Yacht Club join the top rating in our Clean Marine BC program for their Fisherman’s Cove Clubhouse and Marina. The positive changes they've implemented help protect the Strait of Georgia, and we commend them for embracing our program's philosophy of continual improvement," said Michelle Young, Georgia Strait Alliance's Clean Marine BC Coordinator.

Through this certification, WVYC has specifically committed to:
• Eliminating the release of contaminants to the water column, both directly and indirectly;
• Minimizing the release of pollutants to the atmosphere;
• Avoiding contamination of the ground;
• Adopting waste reduction, reuse and recycling strategies;
• Optimizing energy and water conservation;
• Promoting good environmental practices to all parties;
• Abiding by and, where possible, exceeding the requirements of all relevant legislation.

The West Vancouver Yacht Club joined 30 other yacht clubs, marinas, boatyards and harbour authority docks in flying the CMBC flag. In addition to having its 700-member facility certified, WVYC has adopted the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta pledge, to comply with certification standards for yachting events.