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Southern Straits News & Announcements

Nanaimo Racers Receive Presentations about Swiftsure and Southern Straits International Regattas

Regatta Event Chairs from Southern Straits and Swiftsure International Regattas shared the Nanaimo Yacht Club’s Grand Ballroom podium on Friday, March 3 to outline new features of each regatta and to encourage Nanaimo and area sail boat racers to participatte in these iconic contests.

 Telford (Southern Straits) and Vern Burkhardt (Swiftsure) also provided a spirited Question and Answer session outlining the future of regattas, their opinions on boat performance rating systems and observations on the future of regattas in general.

Their presentations were well received by the audience and NYC Commodore Rob Wiebe was on hand to distribute some door prizes brought by Sonia and to formally thank the speakers.

(The picture features Charlotte Gann, Swiftsure sponsor chair, NYC commodore Rob Wiebe, Sonia Telford and Vern Burkhardt)


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