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WVYC Athletes

Our race team (NSST) and some of our athletes maintain sailing blogs and/or websites / social media accounts. Check them out! 

West Vancouver Yacht Club has produced some remarkable young sailors over the years, each following their dreams. Stewart Jones an Admirals Cup participant , Vic Maui winner and successful participant in almost every sailing event you can think of; Brad Kitchen a Mega Yacht Captain; Hunter Lowden toured the world on the Canadian Olympic Team; and Zachary Plasvic, international sailboard competitor, to name just a few.

WVYC Junior Member, Matthew Stranaghan joins a succession of young West Vancouver Yacht Club members who over the years have established a vision for themselves in yachting and are absolutely committed to making it happen.

These are the kind of young people who in my view we should take an interest in and support. They are an inspiration.