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Becoming a Volunteer

Add your time and talents and play your unique role in the 50th Annual Southern Straits Classic

Southern Straits is proudly hosted by the West Vancouver Yacht Club and 2018 will mark the 50th Anniversary of this historic event. Attracting Skippers and Crew from around the globe, Straits is the first Pacific Long Distance race in the calendar year, and many of our competitors go on to compete in other long distance races such as VanIsle 360 and Vic-Maui.

Each year the Race Organizers rely on a hundred + volunteers to run a successful Event. There are lots of ways to help out and you don’t need to be a sailor or a West Vancouver Yacht Club Member to be part of the team.

Southern Straits Classic 2018 runs from Thursday, March 29th to 00:30 Sunday April 1, 2018. All volunteers may be required to attend a prior orientation session and attend additional training sessions as deemed required by the various Committee Chairs.

Specific positions are continually becoming available, please click here for the latest postings. If you can fulfill a position, please email me at

Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to welcoming you to the Straits team!

Many thanks,
Mike Seper
Southern Straits Classic Race Chair