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Straits Crew Bank

Interested in crewing in the 2019 Southern Straits Classic?

To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Race Office at 
Be sure to note your name, experience level, and contact details. 

Southern Straits Crew Bank

Name: Stew Dean
Experience level:
I have not competed in a keel boat race before, however I have been racing Dinghies for several years and competed on the BC circuit in 420's in 2018. I have started cruising in the last 2 years, completing my Boating 2 & 3 course in 2017 with CPSS, and I'm a skipper with Rocky Point Sailing Association. I am 55 years old, and would like to involved with keel boat racing.  
Contact details: 604-418-0117 or
Date Added: Jan 6th 2019

Name:Cheryl Dekova
Experience level:
I have been a skipper on C&C 30ft. for two years with International Yachting Club in BlaineW.A/ WhiteRock B.CMost of my Sailing experience was with the LowerMainland Yacht Club in Whiterock B.C(Five years). Most of my racing experience is day races.I am a quick learner and would welcome the opportunity to crew.
Contact details: 604-760-3185 or
Date Added: Jan 6th 2019