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Straits Crew Bank

Interested in crewing in the Southern Straits Classic?

To add your name to the listing, please send an email to our Race Office at  Be sure to note your name, experience level or crew requirements, and contact details. 

The following people are interested in crewing for 2018 Southern Straits Classic:

Name: Vanessa Rienau
Experience: Sailed from June-Sept 2016 casually, and I've been sailing every other Sunday during this VARC Polar Bear winter racing series 2017-2018. Raced Martin 244, Santana 3030 (jib trim and open to learning other positions). I've only done single day races so far, but looking to start day/night or multi day races. 
Certificates: PCOC 

Looking to participate as a learning experience so I can do longer races or multi-day races in the future! Just looking for a boat who is willing to have a person on board with a bit less experience.
Date posted: Jan 16, 2018

Name: Shawn Shorsky
Contact:, mobile: 250-886-6678
Experience: Sailing and racing south VI for 40+ years
Certificates: CYA sailing levels from years ago, VHF Radio, Coastal Nav

Simply love to sail and to compete. I attend as many seminars and presentations at our club as I can to up my knowledge. Enjoy racing with others to share and gain new perspectives. Never too old to learn. I have all my safety and overnight gear. The last 3 years I have been on a J33 out of Royal Vic YC, (“J” skippered by Adrian King-Harris).

Name: Sean Rosenlieb
Contact:   425-309-6385
Experience: I've sailed on Various PNW Boats: Beneteau 45F5 ( Family affair), Baba 40 (Airloon), My own C&C 37 (Cyrano), J 24 (Beagle), Custom (Gray Wolf), Custom (Grayling), I've done Swiftsure, RTC, VI 360, Lots of Seattle area series..   Willing to travel up for practice or boat work as needed.  Fully geared and willing to pay my share. I enjoy all positions. But mostly work Main & Head-sail trim due to my strength. 1.83 m tall, 90Kg, 52yrs old Fit.
Certificates: Safety at Sea

Name: Cheryl James 
Contact:, mobile: 250-266-0551
Experience: Been racing a J24 & Petersen 32 weekly May 2017 through March 2018 Sunshine Coast BC. Crewed on various Beneteau, Bavaria, Jenneau and other vessels for past 5 years Caribbean. Cruising. Some longer passages.    
Certificates: RYA Coastal Skipper, Cansail dinghy 2.