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Straits Crew Bank

Interested in crewing in the 2019 Southern Straits Classic?

To add your name to the listing or remove it after you've found a ride, please send an email to our Race Office at 
Be sure to note your name, experience level, and contact details.  Find us on Facebook on the Southern Straits Annual Yacht Race Page for the latest photos and pre-race events.

Southern Straits Crew Bank

Name: Stew Dean
Experience level:
I have not competed in a keel boat race before, however I have been racing Dinghies for several years and competed on the BC circuit in 420's in 2018. I have started cruising in the last 2 years, completing my Boating 2 & 3 course in 2017 with CPSS, and I'm a skipper with Rocky Point Sailing Association. I am 55 years old, and would like to become involved with keel boat racing.  
Contact details: 604-418-0117 or
Date Added: Jan 6th 2019

Name:Cheryl Dekova
Experience level:
I have been a skipper on C&C 30ft. for two years with International Yachting Club in BlaineW.A/ WhiteRock B.CMost of my Sailing experience was with the LowerMainland Yacht Club in Whiterock B.C(Five years). Most of my racing experience is day races.I am a quick learner and would welcome the opportunity to crew.
Contact details: 604-760-3185 or
Date Added: Jan 6th 2019

Name: Liisa Hannus
Experience level:
I’ve been racing/sailing since Nov 2017 and logged about 600nm (racing or delivering across the Strait) in 2018. Last year I did 7 VARC events, including Southern Straits (medium course) and 3 VIRS events, plus numerous Sunday & weeknight racing. I have crewed on a Dash 34, Santana 3030, J30, and CF-27. Most experience is with jib trim and pit, some kite trim. And, of course, I make a most excellent ballast technician! Photographic evidence of bruises available upon request.I completed the 1-day Safety at Sea course in 2018, and by Straits 2019 will have my VHF license. Also have OFA level 1 .For Straits I’m looking to crew on a boat that will use a watch system, is dry or almost dry (I’m trusting the rest of the crew with my life), has good taste in music, and is more concerned with having a safe, fun race than winning at any costs. Laughter is key!
Contact details: (preferred) or 778-986-3574 (mobile - no voice mail)
Date Added:
Feb 12th 2019

Name: Doug Foulds
Experience level: Sailed last year's race on a J35. I have Skipper it twice before on a Olson 30 and a C&C 38. Know all positions and have my safety at sea and CYA advanced. I am late 50s. Prefer a boat with a heater :-)
Contact details: 604-831-5575 or
Date Added: Feb 14th 2019

Name: Gord Frenke
Experience Level: Experienced. Hello! I am an experienced sailor, hoping to hop aboard a decently competitive boat for Southern Straits. A little bit about me: Competed in 2018 Vic-Maui race (Beneteau First 40), 2300nm-Completed Safety at Sea course. Have sailed in the Vancouver Area Racing Circuit for the last few years, including Swiftsure, Southern Straits, Round Saltspring, etc. (currently sailing all VARC events on a J/109). VHF and First Aid certified- Engineer, generally mechanically inclined.Able to handle any crew position as needed (foredeck, trim, etc)-. Male, 29- Have all required safety gear. 'm always happy to keep learning and gaining experience with a new group of sailors.  Please reach out if it will be a good fit!
Contact details: Gord 604-902-4673
Date Added: Feb 27th 2019

Name: Fritz Schreiner
Experience Level: Advanced. I have experience as Bow, Mast, Pit, Trimmer, Grinder, on both symmetric and asymmetric boats ranging from J24 to 1D48 and various boats in-between.
I’ve competed in  Swiftsure, Southern straits, VanIsle360, Melges24 NA and Canadians, Rolex big boat series, and various other VIRS events and club events.
Contact details: 1 250 216 2393 or
Date Added: March 4 2019

Name: Cheryl James
Experience Level: 
ISO a vessel to crew in Southern Straits 2019 any course. I’m a British female , 36 years old, been racing weekly for the last 2 years in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast.  I crew a J24 in summer and Peterson 35 in  the winter sometimes racing down as far as Thornanby/ Secret cove area and competed in the local Malaspina  regatta the last 2 years. I also took part in last years Round Bowen race on a Seascape 27. I have RYA day skipper certification, VHF ROC and current First Aid and have a few months worth of experience crewing cruising vessels down south in the Eastern Carribbean. I have also recently started training with my local RCMSAR. Unfortunately i do not have much spinnaker experience having used a spinnaker only a handful of times....This is where I would really like to gain some more experience. Looking for a boat that is taking part for the experience and to have fun rather than to win at all costs as I do not feel my experience level quite matches up to that. 
Contact details:, 250-266-0551
Date Added:
 March 8 2019

Name: Russell Franks
Experience Level:
 Basic Cruising Certification through Sail Canada - Spent 5 Day/4 Nights Sailing Howe Sound / English Bay learning from Skipper/Instructor Bob Marando on a 31ft Defoe and Achieved Competent Crew status through Simply Sailing learning all entry level skills and aspects of sailing. Volunteer on Vancouver Rowing Club Race Committee for Race #8 of the Polar Bear Race Series - Assisted Race Officer Jennifer Ross on Board the Committee boat under Skipper Ian Pennenington learning race protocol - Crew aboard Dusty Mauch in Race #9 of the Polar Bear Series under Skipper Edward Karadontis learning how to effected crew on in a sail race including hoisting and sailing spinnaker sail Introduction to Vancouver Rowing Club by Brad Davies
Contact details: 
780-904-1807 or
Date Added:
 March 14 2019