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Opti Intro 

Opti Intro is a full-day, week-long course aimed at sailors aged 6-8 years old. Opti Intro retains some of the aspects of WetFeet (a half-day week-long course), with two sailors per boat, and introduces children to sailing in an Optimist Dinghy. Basic sailing skills are introduced in a comfortable and enjoyable environment – learning to rig an optimist, basics of towing and steering. This course is focused on fun and building confidence in and around boats and on the water, with a strong emphasis on safety.

Opti 1 (previously Opti Bronze)

Based on the CANSail 1 syllabus, Opti 1 creates a more confident atmosphere for the introductory sailor with one to two students per boat with the aim of developing solo sailing. Sailors will refine their tacking skills and sail around on the water in almost all directions relative to the wind.  

Opti 2 (Previously Opti Silver)

Sailors will be solo from the beginning of this course and develop more advanced sailing skills, including to sail on all points of sail with increased independence. By the end of Opti 2, sailors will be able to sail comfortably in light to medium winds by themselves. This course is based on the CANSail 2 syllabus. 

Opti 3 (Previously Opti Gold)

Sailors are introduced to the exciting realm of sailboat racing. Topics include starting, tactics, strategy, and advanced boat handling skills that will enable them to be competitive at the local sailing level. Sailors generally require at least 2 weeks of training to complete the Opti 3 skill set. This course is based on the CANSail 3 syllabus.

Click here to register into one of our Summer Optimist Courses. Don't forget, Early Bird registration ends May 1 at 5:00 PM. Not sure which course to register into? Please contact the Sailing Director, Dale Stranaghan at sailingdirector@wvyc.ca