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Elliott Bay

49.28.513N / 123.22.381W

Elliott Bay is a 40-acre outstation in Centre Bay, Gambier Island, Howe Sound that is 10nm from the club home base in West Vancouver. We have nearly 2000 linear feet of dock.

Elliott Bay is our Club’s ocean wonderland. It provides an opportunity for kids of all ages to explore together. A place where we do the work of playing, building memories and building a community together. Accessible to our members with wide docks, sturdy ramps and a one-level, stove-heated cabin. This outstation can be used by each member at every stage of their boating life. Over the years, members have provided paddle-boards, sailing dinghies and a 2-person rowing dinghy allowing all-season ocean play. Trails and hiking are well-marked and provide amazing views, while the orchard and playground offer quick, open play spaces.

Amenities that provide ease and comfort include 2 barbecues, a spit, composting heads and a heated shower and bath; all this in addition to the cabin which offers a give-one-take-one library, Ping-Pong, games and Lego for sharing.

This outstation is maintained through the volunteer efforts of our members and twice-yearly work parties embody the community-built, community-building vibe this club was built on. We encourage every member to count themselves in and come play and work with us in this beautiful space.

For more information on our outstations, please contact our Outstation Director.

Centre Bay Trail Map (PDF)

The below photos are courtesy WVYC Member Doug Wardrop.