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Fall Stag Race

"Come one and come all to the annual Fall Stag Race to Kendrick Island."

Congratulations to Paul Wolstenholme and the crew on Brinehog for winning this year's event! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year. Complete results in the link at the bottom.

September 29 & 30th, 2018 is the date for our annual Fall Stag Cruise/Race to Kendrick Island Outstation. Participate in the sailboat race or just cruise over to Kendrick to take in the camaraderie.

Suggestions for the format this year would be greatly appreciated. i.e. Last year Ty had the manpetizer competition, do we want that again?

Event Dates: Sep 29/30 2018
Register:  Email Cam Telford @: vicecommodore@wvyc.ca
Dinner Options: 8oz Tenderloin Steak or Salmon Fillet, Prawns and Apple Pie. Please contact the F&B  or the front desk desk to order.

Competitor List

Vessel Name
Northern Girl
Cam Telford
Wraith Ian Lloyd
Brinehog Paul Wolstenholme
Feng Shui Jim Lowden
Mirimingi DJ Hay
Planetes Jack O'Hara
Oxygen Seain Conover
* Guest

Special note: Provisioning for Saturday Dinner will be done through WVYC Food and Beverage.  Please contact the F&B or the front desk desk to order.

Historical Fall stag Race results