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Spring Stag Race

April 27 & 28, 2019

We had some spry wind on Saturday but two beautiful days out on the water for this year's Spring Stag race. Congratulations, and thank you for next year, to Ian Lloyd on Wraith! Second on the way up and first on the way back.

2019 Participants:

Skipper  Boat Rating
Cam Telford Northern Girl 78
Ian Lloyd Wraith 82
Seain Conover Oxygen 138
Edward Karadontis Halcyon 126
John Noble Baloo 147

To register for the race, please email commodore@wvyc.ca 
Sailing Instructions & Start Times:

  1. Ian Lloyd - Wraith
  2. Baloo - John Noble
  3. Halcyon - Edward Karadontis

Take a look below for A couple of pictures from this years race.