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Wednesday Evening Series

Registration is open. The first Wednesday is April 24th. See you on the water!

Don't forget the start time of 6:00pm!

West Vancouver's warm summer evenings attract a large number of yachts to the Wednesday Evening series which runs weekly from late April until late September. This series strikes a perfect balance between competitive racing on the water and relaxed socializing in the Clubhouse afterward including our popular BBQ offerings and bar service.

Fee increase:

As you read the NOR or register you will no doubt have questions regarding the new fee structure. Fleet committee has set up a new fee structure in part to deal with the difficulty of extracting volunteers from the member boats racing, and partly to address the increasing costs we've seen over the last few years, and partly for consistency in the pricing for doing one series or all five. So with that in mind this is what we've come up with.

Going forward this year the plan is to charge $15 per race for members and non-members alike. Then charge $10 per race for not having to volunteer. Non-members don't volunteer therefore don't pay the volunteer portion. There are 21 races planned for this year starting April 24th.

For members:

Price is $25 per race which includes a $10 volunteer amount. If you commit to all series you get a 20% discount making the price is $420. This is $105 less than if you booked each series individually.

Each time you provide a volunteer you will get $40 ($10x4) credited back to you. If it's in series 1 that amount will be $50 ($10x5)

For non-members:

Price is $15 per race, same as members but no volunteer portion added on. If they commit to all 5 series they get a 20% discount = $250 (Really $252 but we rounded it off).

We hope you see $15 a race to be reasonable and a 20% discount for committing to all 5 series an incentive to do all 5. $10 a race for not providing a volunteering helps cover the costs for mark set, gas, mark maintenance, line replacement, RC, etc.

Remember that every time you provide a "useful" volunteer you get a credit. There is a limit to the number of volunteers we take each week so it will be on a first come first accepted basis.

Sailing Instructions and Registration Procedure


Date Volunteer 1  Volunteer 2 Race Committee
 April 24  Northern Girl   Northern Girl  Dale Viv    Mike  
 May 1      Dale Viv Mike  
 May 8      Dale Viv Mike  
 May 15      Dale Viv Mike  
 May 22      Dale Viv Mike  
 May 29      Dale Viv Mike  
 June 5      Dale Viv Mike  
 June 12      Dale Viv Mike  
 June 19      Dale Viv Mike  
 June 26      Dale Viv Mike  
 July 3      Dale Viv Mike  
 July 10      Dale Viv Mike  
 July 17      Dale Viv Mike  
 July 24      Dale Viv Mike  
 July 31      Dale Viv Mike  
 August 7      Dale Viv Mike  
 August 14       Viv Mike  
 August 21      Dale Viv Mike  
 August 28      Dale Viv Mike  
 September 4      Dale Viv Mike  
 September 11      Dale Viv Mike  

Please Note:


If you haven't registered by race time your score will be DNC
If your PHRF cert does not appear on the BC Sailing website within 1 week of the race your score for the race will be changed to DNF

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Series 2
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May 15
May 22
May 29
June 5
June 12
June 19

June 26
July 3
July 10
July 17

July 24
July 31
August 7
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August 21
August 28
September 4
September 11

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Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Combined

For more information on the Wednesday Evening Series, please contact our Fleet Captain Fleetcaptain@wvyc.ca