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Application Process

Obtain and fill in a Membership Application

A new member's information and application package can be obtained by contacting the Club Office or downloaded from the club website -- click for Adult /Intermediate Form or Junior Form. You require two existing members to complete the sponsor section. If you are new to the area and do not know two Club members to sponsor you, the Club will accept letters of reference from a previous private club association, a business reference, or a person with a professional designation such as engineer, doctor, or accountant. A refundable deposit of not less than $1000 is to accompany an Associate application, plus the taxes due on the total entrance fee. When an application is accepted the balance owing is to be paid OR if can be financed over 60 months.

For Affiliate applications, a refundable deposit of $545 (plus GST) is to accompany the application.

Approval Process

All applicants are contacted by the Membership Secretary,  The applications are presented to the next monthly Board meeting for first approval. At that time, applicants' names are posted to the Club notice board and to the Club newsletter, The Foghorn. References are checked. A second and final review follows at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Normally then, the process would take about 60 days.  Note however that there are no Board meetings in July and August. A new member package will follow shortly after final approval. This will contain information relevant to the new member and several documents that new members should review and/or complete and return to the Club Office.

That’s it ..... welcome aboard.
You can then jump into the club enjoying our various social activities, facilities, outstations, races, etc…  The best way to really get engaged and connected into the club is by volunteering for our various events.  You’ll meet some great people, have some fun, learn more about the club, and start connecting!