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Jack & Jill Race

Sunday, August 25th 2019

One of the fastest growing races at WVYC, each year more and more teams are entering this fun event. Perhaps this is your year to make a good showing and meet a few more members of your Club. Dial your boat in Saturday August 24th with VRC’s Ken and Barbie Race followed by WVYC’s Jack & Jill on Sunday, August 25th 2019!

This year's organizers are Ian Lloyd and Leifka Vissers (GP26 Wraith). If you have any questions please contact Ian at IanLloyd.2010@gmail.com or call 778-868-8566. Be sure to mark the subject line of your email with “WVYC Jack and Jill Race”



Please send an email to the Race Chair at: IanLloyd.2010@gmail.com   

Current Registrants

  Boat Name             Make               PHRF        Team 
1  Absolute Kaos   Dash 34  66   Dave Cramb & Jill 
 2  Salacious  T-240  107  Jason Davies & Sarah Rosenthal
 3  Maverick  Melges 24  85  David Trigg & Veronica Owens
 4  Wraith  GP 26  82  Ian Lloyd & Leifka Vissers
 5  Incisor  CY 8.0  117  Kerry & William Phillips
 6  Ffang  Flying 15  214  Tim O'Connell & Lin Parks
 7  Vigdis  Dehler 38  78   Kevin Gulstene & Cheryl Slusarchuk 
 8  Contagious  First 36.7  81  Tracy & Declan Sacre
 9  Ruckus  M242  156  Sebastian Fritz & Jen 
 10   Rhumb Line J29  124   Martina Sonderhoff & Jack
 11  Mariah I  C&C 29  200  Matthew Henderson & Alex Phizicky
 12  ADHD  Melges 24  85  Ella & Brad Marchant
 13  Audrey B CY99   72  Clint Currie & Alice Moore
 14  Sam I Am  Ranger 28  185  John Hilton & Steph Thomas
 15  Cool Beans  Melges 24  85  Kathy Kushner & Achilles
 16  Hitchhiker  Laser 28  138  Phil & Grace Barron

2018  Results

Last year's race faced challenging conditions, including a tide change, wind shift, and a pod of Orcas roaming through the fleet. 
Wraith and Cayoosh also participated in VRC's Ken & Barbie race, placing 1st and 4th respectively.

Name(s) Boat Name Place
 David Trigg & Veronica Owens  Boaty McBoatface 1st 
 Ian Lloyd & Leifka Vissers  Wraith 2nd 
 Jason & Sarah Davies  Cayoosh 3rd 
 Tim O'Connell & Aurora Hicks-Beach  Ffang 4th 
 William & Kerry Phillips  Incisor 5th 
 Bev& Kathy Parslow  Silver Shadow 6th 

Race Documents

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions 
Start Times (Preliminary as of August 22nd)
Confirmed start times will be communicated at the Skippers Meeting at 9:30 am in the WVYC Clubhouse (Sunday, August 25th).