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Ladies Race & Cruise

9th Annual Ladies Race & Cruise to Elliott Bay

This year's Ladies Race / Cruise to Elliott Bay was held on May 28 & 29, 2016 and was an event to be remembered. The theme was Arabian Nights and we dreamed of a hot sunny day surrounded by colourful fabrics, handsome Sinbadasses, fabulous food and dancing. Alas, when we awoke on race day it was cold and wet and felt more like November than May. The wind drove the rain down hard. Our scarves and bangles were soggy but not our spirits. Seven sail boats took part in the race (Northern Girl, Halcyon, Puffin, Tac Tic, Stella Luna, Temeraire and Silver Shadow), two power boats (Arthos and C to Sea) and one sailboat (La Vie Dansante) met us at the outstation. Wind conditions were variable but the rain was relentless. We learned the hard way where we had leaks in our foul weather gear, but we persevered in a very competitive race. This race was a true test of our hardiness. Congratulations to Sonia Telford and the crew of SV Northern Girl for winning the race. By the time we reached our Oasis at Elliot Bay we were chilled to the bone. We were greeted upon our arrival by the Sinbadasses in costume bearing pitchers of steaming hot mint tea as they helped us moor our boats. Never has a hot beverage been more welcome! Some added a few tots of rum to their mugs, further lifting soggy spirits

While we had been sailing, the men had been busy transforming the outstation into a Bedouin tent city. The cabin was magical with low tables, candles twinkling and beautiful fabrics and spinnakers draped from the ceiling. Tarpaulins were hung over the walkway creating dry spaces for the later service of our feast. The wood stove was blazing and the cabin was never more cozy. While there we were introduced to the beautiful belly dancer Leona. She further warmed us up by teaching us some basic belly dancing moves. Before long we were shimmying, hips dropping and chest lifting with ease, the ululations sounded around the room and the party was on. Congratulations to Jody Sydor-Jones for best costume – The Camel of Elliot Bay will be talked of for years to come! Congratulations to Deb Patz and her daughter Natalia for best team costumes. Congratulations (?) to Joanne Graham and the crew of SV Tac Tic for winning the draw to organize next year’s event. Many thanks to all who made this year’s race and cruise such a success. The Sinbadasses will always hold a special place in our hearts.

- Jane Karadontis and the crew of SV Halcyon

10th Annual Ladies Race & Cruise to Elliott Bay will be held May 27-28, 2017

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