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Halibut Bank/Collingwood
Channel Race

Collingwood Channel Race Sponsored by NAVIS Insurance.
April 29th 2017

This year's race is back to Collingwood Channel. This is always a fun race and hopefully this year will be no exception. Join us after the race on the Patio at WVYC for a burn your own BBQ.

Up to date information can also be found on our Facebook page: WVYC Racing

Note: WVYC alternates Collingwood Channel race with the Halibut/Popham Island race. 

Current Registrants

Boat Name
Skipper Name
Home Club
65_Red_Roses(II) Bruce Chan 1 WVYC/RVYC
65_Red_Roses Graeme Clendenan 1/Farr? WVYC
Ultraman II Jason Saunderson 3 RVYC
Ha'a Koa Vic Bishop 1 WVYC
O.C.D. Justin Brown 3 VRC
Spiny Norman  Rich Alban 1 WVYC
Northern Girl Sonia & Cam Telford 2 WVYC
Paragon Katy Campbell 2 EHYC
Longboard Sandy Huntingford 1 WVYC
Voila Frank Fletcher 3 WVYC
Incisor William & Kerry Phillips 3 WVYC
Serendipity Tom Sitar 2 RVYC


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