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How to Register / Documents

49th Annual Southern Straits Documents: 
Online registration for the Grande, Long, Medium & Short course is now open! 

Online registration for the Inshore Course will remain open until 12:00pm on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

As noted in the Notice of Race, as part of your registration process you will need to forward several documents to the Club before Sunday, April 9, 2017:

1. A copy of your current Rating Certificate
2. A copy of your current Insurance Certificate
3. Copies of the required Safety at Sea certificates 
4. A single contact person, not racing, who will be responsible for maintaining an accurate crew list. In the event that the Race Committee needs to provide a complete crew list to a Search and Rescue Authority, the designated contact person for the boat will be the person contacted.

You may return these to the Club by attaching a scan to an email.  Early submission is appreciated! 

**  Please note:  All Entries for the Classic Courses must be received by the end of day Sunday. April 9, 2017 - No Exceptions

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